All About Fiji

All About Fiji

Want to know more about Fiji? Find out here ALL about Fiji. This comprehension section covers everything from the history of Fiji to the present day. It's information and facts that aren't directly related to your Fiji vacation/holiday.

The extensive All About Fiji contents are as follows:



Levuka, on Ovalau Island, was the first modern town and the first capital of Fiji

History of Fiji

A good place to start to learn all about Fiji is it's history. From the earliest beginnings to the coming of other cultures, to the Tongan incursions, to cannibalism, to the arrival of the Europeans, to the recruitment of Indians, to world war Fiji involvement, to the modern day tourist paradise even with the coups. Read up in our 2-part series in our History in Fiji (part 1) and Fiji History (part 2) pages.

Geography of Fiji

Visit our Geography of Fiji section to get the geographic lowdown on Fiji's 333 islands.

Islands of Fiji

Find out more on our Fiji Islands section.

Maps of Fiji

From world maps to island maps to town maps to google maps. It's all in our Map of Fiji Information section.

Flag of Fiji

Find out about the national Flag of Fiji and it's history. Also our Fiji Flag List section goes into Fiji's other flags.

Education in Fiji

A broad overview is on our Education in Fiji section.

Fiji Government

The politics of Fiji has been in the news of late for the wrong reasons. Read up on our Fiji government section which includes what the coups where about. (coming)

Economy of Fiji

By you coming to Fiji, you are part of one of the most important industries in Fiji, the tourism industry. Find out how this island paradisaical nation's economy functions in our Economy of Fiji section.

Public Holidays & School Holidays

Fijians really enjoy their time off, in fact it seems they have a good time working too. Maybe they just enjoy life fullstop. Discover when their public & school holidays are in our Fiji Holidays section.


Read up on what notes and coins are circulating as well as a bit of history in our Fiji Currency section.


Want to know the time difference? Find out with our interactive world map and our time-difference table. Also read up on 'Fiji time', all on our Time in Fiji section.


Find out the latest figures for tourism in Fiji.


As is everywhere in the world, telecommunications is growing fast in Fiji. More and more areas are getting 'connected' with mobile phone and internet networks.

The 2 big mobile phone companies are:

With the leading internet provider being:


The significant banking establishments in Fiji are:

Certain banks like Habib Bank (Fiji) and Colonial Bank have been bought out by Bank South Pacific recently. The central bank is the Reserve Bank of Fiji and The National Bank is a government owned commercial bank.

Postal Services

Post Fiji is the primary postal service throughout the Fijian islands.

News & Radio

Want to know the major news hubs and radio stations in Fiji? Learn all about it here in our Fiji News & Radio section.

Tourism is the backbone of the Fijian economy


Culture of Fiji

The unique mix of cultures makes the Fiji culture a rich and interesting one. In our Culture of Fiji section, we talk about arts, crafts, and architecture. In the meantime, find out Some of the Best Fiji Cultural Experiences you can have in Fiji.

Fiji People

On our Fiji People section, we delve into what makes up the peoples of Fiji, from the days of cannibalism to the present day multicultural mix.

Languages of Fiji

Today, Fiji has 3 official languages and a host of smaller ones. Find out more on our Languages of Fiji section.

Fiji Food

Most who holiday in Fiji rave about the food. And for good reason. Read up on our Fiji Food section.

Religion in Fiji

Times have changed from it's origins in animism and shamanism to the current day Christian nation. Investigate it on our Religion in Fiji section.

Music of Fiji

It certainly soothing when guitars start playing and the vocal melodies travel through the warm air while relaxing in the pool. Read up in our Music of Fiji section.

Fiji Animals

Check out what animals in Fiji there are to offer for the inquiring visitor. For bird or shark lovers out there, you are in luck. Check out our Fiji Animals page for terrestrial animals and Underwater Animals in Fiji for marine animals.

Sport Fiji

Fijians love their sports especially when it comes to rugby union. It fact, I almost put it in the religion section! Read up in our Sport Fiji section.

Fiji Clothing

You will notice the distince island clothing as soon as you arrive. Read up in our Fiji Clothing section.


Fiji only recently in 2004, started to produce their own feature films. To date just one has been produced. Lately, Bollywood, thanks to it's large Indo-Fijian population, has started to film more and more in Fiji.

For a while now, Hollywood has taken advantage of Fiji's paradisaical surroundings. Check out the list of films that have, as least partly, been shot in Fiji in our Top 10 Movie Fiji List section.


Festivals in Fiji are a time of giving and sharing and crosses religion and races. Check out the list of major festivals on our Events & Festivals in Fiji page.

Living in Fiji

People sometimes wonder what it's like to live in paradise. Some take the big step and pack up and move, even starting a resort. And who can blame then. And if you've got the money, then you can choose to follow the example of a few tycoons who have bought up an island, and plonked a luxurious resort with all the trimmings. Needlessly to say, that is far from the everyday life of the average Fijian.

Navala village in the highlands on Viti Levu


Fiji Water

Fiji Water is not all about Fiji, in fact it's an American bottled water company that was started by a Canadian entrepreneur who also bought an island in Fiji and developed it. Find out more about it in our Fiji bottled water section.

Pure Fiji

Pure Fiji is a company with skin care products.

Fiji Blend

Fiji Blend is a company with lotion products.

Not About Fiji

Common misspellings and misconceptions of terms thought to be related to the island nation, but isn't about Fiji.

The All About Fiji page is a constantly updated page. Be sure to check it often for new developments.

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