Not About Fiji

Not About Fiji

What isn't about Fiji? Find out here. These are commonly confused terms/words/spellings that aren't related to Fiji the island nation. These are the most popular searched misconceived words.

Information About Fiji

Information to get you started on finding out more about the South Pacific island archipelago has two starting points:

For tourist information:

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For general information:

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Common Misconceived Words

Figi Islands

This is a common misspelling of Fiji Islands. As an ex-English teacher (teaching to non-native speakers) the 'j' and 'g' often are pronounced the same, and often unless you're a native speaker, when to use it can be confusing.

Figi water

Again a misspelling getting the 'j' and 'g' confused. This time it's about the American bottled water company Fiji Water.

Visit Fiji Water for information regarding the company and of drinking water in Fiji.

Fiji Mermaid

The Fiji mermaid (also Feejee mermaid) was an object comprising of the torso and head of a monkey with the bottom half being a fish, covered in papier-mâché. It was presented as a mummified body of a creature at sideshows and was made famous by the American showman/scam-artist P.T. Barnum in 1842.

Fiji Eilanden

Fiji Eilanden is Fiji Islands in Dutch.

Little Fiji

When I first heard of this I thought perhaps it was a enclave of Fijians in a city or country. But alas, it's the name of a female American wrestler (not the sport) from the 1980's.

Mt Fiji (Mountain Fiji)

There are two possible reasons here:

  • it's possibly confused with Mt Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776m and is located 100km southwest of Tokyo.
  • the other, which is sometimes referred to as Mountain Fiji, is that of an American Fiji wrestler (again, not the sport) from the 1980's. Mt Fiji is thought to have weighted over 400 pounds and would sometimes team up with Little Fiji to take on opponents.

HMS Fiji

HMS Fiji was a light cruiser ship of the Royal Navy which served in WW2. It wasn't part of Fiji's navy, it didn't have one, but part of Britain's Navy and named it after one of her colony's, Fiji.


I wasn't able to find a reason for this popularly searched term. My guess would be it's a world from another language.

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