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Vanua Levu Fiji

Want a change of pace from the main island? Discover Vanua Levu Fiji, the second biggest island where life is peaceful and the diving world class.

The Vanua Levu contents:

View from a ferry of Vanua Levu Fiji

A ferry's view of Vanua Levu


You think the pace is slow on the main island of Viti Levu, it goes down a further few notches on Vanua Levu Fiji!

There's much less tourist infrastructure, gorgeous laid back tranquil resorts (if the resorts on the main island weren't relaxing enough!) and unspoilt natural beauty with a sprinkling of villages. Oh yeah, the diving is world class too.

Notable Towns

Hot Labasa is situated in the north and you
won't be 'passing through' here unless you're exploring. Visiting can be done along the sole paved road between the two townships.

All of the tourist activity happens around charming Savusavu beautifully situated in Savusavu Bay on the south coast. It has Savusavu Airport, ferry and yacht wharfs, with beautiful resorts (check below) situated a short drive away. If you've booked your relaxing resort accommodation on Vanua Levu, it's more than likely here.

Savusavu is a must do when coming to Vanua Levu having restaurants, bars, supermarkets, tourist sights and activities, historical sites and more.

Getting There

Air - Most people come via a domestic flight to Savusavu Airport. Flights are available from Nadi Airport (where you'll mostly be transferring from your international flight) and Nausori Airport (near Suva) with Pacific Sun (Fiji Airways). Chartered flights are also available.

Sea - Ferries from Suva on the mainland services stops including Taveuni, Labasa, and Savusavu. Those with considerable more time on their hands can check this option out with Bligh Water Shipping and Consort Shipping.

All details are found in our Transport in Fiji section.

Getting Around

Resort transfer - Chances are your resort will escort you with transfers to and from Savusavu Airport. Check with them upon booking.

There are local buses and plenty of taxis around Savusavu. Taxis are cheap and convenient to get around. If you are going out of Savusavu and your resort, hiring a 4WD can be done in Savusavu or through reception at your resort.

Local bus and ferry on Vanua Levu Fiji

Important Information

If there's anything you need and if it can be got, it'll be in Savusavu. Your resort should be also able to assist.

In couldn't be simpler to navigate around Savusavu, as everything is located on the main road along the coast, aptly called Main St.

What you can find are:

  • banks - ANZ, Colonial, and Westpac
  • customs
  • hospital
  • pharmacist
  • Siloah Clinic - a private health clinic, ph: 885 0721
  • post office
  • police - ph: 885 0222
  • internet cafes
  • supermarket
  • market
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • taxi stand
  • bus station
  • ferry agencies
  • dive shops
  • tour shops
  • handicrafts

Vanua Levu Map

You can play around and dream with our interactive Vanua Levu map with accommodation options labelled. Over time, I'll add more and more to the map including recommended things to do!


Below are quality resorts on Vanua Levu. You are considerably far away from the rest of the world out here! :)

Around Savusavu

  1. Namale Fiji Resort & Spa
  2. Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort (coming)
  3. Koro Sun Resort (coming)
  4. Lomalagi Resort (coming)
  5. La Dolce Vita (coming)

North Vanua Levu

  1. Nukubati Private Island Resort (coming)

Namena Island

  1. Moody's Namena (coming)

5 Things to do on Vanua Levu


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