What to do on Fiji All Inclusive Vacations

What to do on
Fiji All Inclusive Vacations 

Coming to Fiji on a relaxing all inclusive getaway? Discover what you can do on Fiji all inclusive vacations, from breakfast buffets to a plethora of activities.

What to do on Fiji All Inclusive Vacatons contents:

A Fiji beach on Kadavu Island, Fiji

The beautiful and untamed Kadavu Island, Fiji

On Resort

Let's get to what you can do whilst staying on your Fiji all inclusive resort. You will start off with:

  • swimming pool(s)
  • resort location on beach (beach games like volleyball etc)

Each resort varies in what it offers. Generally, family resorts for example, offers more in line for the kids. Adult resorts will lean towards activities for couples.


Then there's a myriad of fun activities that the resort provides for free. These can include:

  • balls - tennis, rugby, soccer, bocce etc
  • basket weaving
  • sporting events like volleyball, rugby, soccer etc
  • frog races
  • learning Fijian
  • board games
  • singing Fijian songs
  • movies
  • organised pool games

There are many more and it varies from one resort to the next.

Fiji beach activities

Racquets and a ball on the beach - simple and relaxing

Non-motorised Sports & Activities

You should find that non-motorised activities and sports are complimentary in your all inclusive package.

Some include:

  • snorkeling
  • kayaks
  • sailing
  • windsurfing
  • volleyball
  • tennis
  • paddle boarding

Fiji vacation activities

Motorised Sports & Activities

At the top end of Fiji luxury resorts, ALL activities and sports, such as these, are included. Otherwise they fall outside the all-inclusive category and into the paid-activity category.

For activities such as surfing and fishing, because of the nature of the activity, only certain resorts are able to offer them.

Personally, diving is a must do if you're staying off the main island.

Fiji vacation activities - parasailing  near Denarau Island

My sister's view parasailing off Denarau Island, Fiji

Off-Resort Activities

Off-resort activities are dependent on your resort's location. The main island of Viti Levu offers the biggest range, while others like Taveuni has spectacular diving, hiking, and waterfalls.

Some off-resort activities include:

  • birdwatching
  • golfing (Fiji offers a great range)
  • hiking
  • village tours
  • museums
  • river rafting
  • ziplining

Check out our Fiji activities section for more information. A special recommendation goes to:

The ideal way to check out the Fiji Islands on water. Check out their options and itineraries ranging from a day cruise to 7-night cruises.

Fiji tour - Village tour at Navala village on Viti Lev

Do a village tour to Navala Village on Viti Levu, Fiji

Whatever you like!

Of course there's the all time favourite activity... doing absolutely nothing! It's definitely mine, as each day I choose my beach chair next to the pool and ocean to spend the whole day reading my book.

It's a getaway, so you do whatever soothes the soul. If you don't want to get up at 4am to do an all day river rafting trip on Sigatoka River (yes that's me), then you're not obliged to. 

Don't be rushing around doing things just because they are there, otherwise you'll get back home feeling like you need another holiday!

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