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Where to take the family in Fiji? Find out about beautiful Fiji island resorts who specialise in catering for the family Fiji vacation. This page continues on from our hub Fiji family holidays page.

Let's continue...

Baby-Sitting Services

The babysitting service caters for children up to around 2-4 years old depending on the resort. Then for older kids up to around 12 years can attend the kids club. The kids club is often complimentary and sometimes the babysitting service is too. Again it depends on the resort you're staying at.

Kids Clubs

A kids club is great for the kids. Usually starting in the morning at 9 and going well into the night, it's a full day! They are supervised through a range of activities and games including water polo, swimming, beach games, face painting, coconut bowling, and many more. It can end with a movie at night too. Don't worry, there's lunch and dinner for them.

They can be kept well occupied whilst you relax!

kids playing on the beach on Castaway Island, Fiji

Staff taking care of the kids on Castaway Island, Fiji

And what about you, the adults?

You aren't left out. Since the kids often can be looked after from morning to night, that gives you plenty of adult time.

There are plenty of activities and games, as stated on the previous page, including:

and more.

Pool bar with a band playing

Top Fiji Family Resorts

Fiji is a destination in the mid-to-high end price range. Fiji Family resorts are no different.

It's in my opinion that resorts specifically catering for families in Fiji, is your best bet for having the ideal family getaway. Find out about the top family Fiji resorts here, and you should be well on your way!

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