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Fancy an exotic Fiji cruise? Find out about Captain Cook Cruises and their wonderful cruises in Fiji. From day cruises to 7-day cruises, it's a tropical adventure.

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Captain Cook Cruises is a family-owned, Australian ‘small ship’ cruise operator and the recipient of numerous awards in Australia and Fiji.

The company operates a fleet of 16 vessels, employs over 500 people and offers a choice of over 150 cruises weekly throughout Australia and Fiji.

It offers cruises in:

  • Sydney
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Murray River
  • Fiji Islands.

On this page we'll be delving into the exotic cruises available within the tropical paradise of Fiji!

Fiji Islands

Captain Cooks' fleet of small ships offer unique, intimate and personal experiences for cruising the Fiji islands.

Some of the exotic Fiji island options you can experience include:

  • Guided snorkeling, diving & fishing
  • Cultural presentations and ceremonies
  • Fijian music & entertainment
  • Fresh local tropical BBQ buffet
  • Glass-bottomed boat & canoe use
  • Island massages
  • Fiji spa services - receive spa treatments
  • Fiji Islands Romance Package (see below)

Fiji Itineraries

Captain Cook offers cruises of various lengths and destinations throughout Fiji. Visit our Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Itineraries section for the lowdown.

Sailing and chartering ships with Captain Cook Cruises Fiji

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Other Fiji Options

Captain Cook has enough options that it makes it easier than other Fiji cruise lines to be tailored to your situation.


If you want to experience a sailing ship or exclusively charter your own vessel, then Captain Cook Cruises has 2 vessel options for you.

Fiji Honeymoon

On top of the itineraries, you can opt for one of the two romance packages for a bit extra. Find out more about Fiji honeymoon packages.

Fiji Wedding

On offer also are Fiji Wedding All Inclusive packages. You can tailor make yours, even charting your own vessel with your, or add it to a current itinerary.

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