What to do in Fiji

What to do in Fiji

What to do in Fiji? Explore all the things you can do in Fiji right here. Of course, many elect to do what we really came here to do... to completely relax. This sometimes means doing almost absolutely nothing!

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Your Resort and Location

Your Resort

It pretty much doesn't matter which resort you choose, as they all have plenty of activities on hand. Most resorts are mid-range prices upwards and therefor generally has non-motorised activities as complimentary. Plus there's a myriad of on-site and off-site activities and tours. Rough rule-of-thumb, the more expensive your resort, the more activities are complimentary.

What to do in Fiji? beach volleyball is good.

Beach volleyball at Castaway Island Resort

Your Location

Generally speaking there are 9 groups of Fiji Islands. Depending on where you are staying dictates to a certain extent what activities would be available. For example the main island of Viti Levu has good roads for a road trip, and a great variety of activities to offer including jungle ziplining, but isn't good for snorkeling.


On-resort activities are plentiful with off-resort options as well. As mentioned most non-motorised activities should be free, with paid activities also available. Some resorts offer additional complimentary activities like bocce, frog faces, board games etc. Check out our Fiji Activities page for a roundup.

Non-motorised activities are generally complimentary


The tours available to you largely depends on where you are staying. Check out what each island group offers here on our Fiji Tours page.


Fiji islands diving is world renown and a highlight of Fiji. Most resorts will offer scuba diving as a paid activity, except for the ultra top-end. The best diving in Fiji is on the outer islands. For more information, go to our Fiji diving page.


One of the most highly recommended things to do in Fiji, is to take a cruise. Exploring the islands on water is a real treat with various itineraries available. Go to our Fiji Cruises page for more details.

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