Vatulele Island Resort

Vatulele Island Resort

Want to discover the stunning Vatulele Island Resort? Explore luxurious Vatulele on it's own island with beachfront bures perfect for a worry-free getaway.

The Vatulele contents:

Vatulele Island Fiji

Vatulele Island - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


  • Name: Vatulele Island Resort
  • Location: Vatulele Island, Viti Levu, Fiji
  • Class: 5-star beachfront island resort
  • Accommodation: 19 beachfront bures/villas
  • Transfer: 25-minute light plane transfer from Nadi Airport
  • Reviews: Vatulele reviews receives on average an excellent 90% satisfaction rating on TripAdvisor (at time of writing)

Who does Vatulele suit?

Those wanting a private and exclusive beachfront getaway on a stunning tropical island, with a price to match.

Vatulele Island Resort along the beach

Vatulele Island Resort along the beach - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


Vatulele Island is located 30 km south of the main island of Viti Levu. The flat left-footprint-shaped island is 32 km² in size with it's highest point just 34 metres in altitude. Vatulele Resort is located on the north west coast, the other island inhabitants are 4 villages.

Getting There

Vatulele is accessed via a domestic air transfer to it's airstrip, after you arrive at Nadi International Airport with your international flight. There is a scheduled daily flight leaving Nadi Airport at 11:30am which returns at 12:50pm. Cost with Vatulele is US$150 per person each way.

Another option is a chartered flight which is considerably more expensive. If your plane arrives after the scheduled flight during the day, another option is to stay overnight in the Nadi region.

Check with Vatulele reservations upon booking.

View from bure at Vatulele Island Resort Fiji

View from a bure - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


There are 19 spacious bures/villas spread along the beach including 2 premium bures. It has a Sante Fe design feel to it, including one of the premium bures being pink (hurts my eyes), whilst still keeping the Fijian high ceiling thatched roof. Some have pools and all are spaced widely apart ensuring privacy and your own slice of white sand beach. The farthermost bures are about 10 minutes by foot to the dining complex. Buggies are also available.

Deluxe bure with pool at  Vatulele Island Resort Fiji

Deluxe bure with pool - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


Considering Vatulele is a remote island it gets good reviews for it's food. Much of which is grown on the island and caught in nearby waters. Along with eating at it's restaurant, private dining is also possible back at your bure. Choose a wine from it's well stocked wine celler to celebrate!

For the romantics, a private picnic on their own deserted island is something straight out of the movies. Be wary though, friendly crabs won't hesitate to help themselves to your packed goodies! 

Beach at Vatulele Island Resort

The beach of Vatulele Island Resort - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


Archaeological Sites & Caves

A highlight on Vatulele Island is the existence of archaeological sites including rock drawings and paintings. A neat little excursion is to the limestone caves involving a cave swim.


Nearby reefs makes diving and snorkelling a treat. It's a bit far to try snorkelling straight off the beach though.

Other Activities

  • hiking (it's a jungle island)
  • village visits
  • kayaking
  • windsurfing
  • hobie cat sailing
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • fishing

Vatulele diving

Diving nearby - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor


Rates range from US$1,800 to US$7,600 per bure per night. This includes breakfast and non-motorised activities.

Transfers are US$150 per person each way.

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