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Rakiraki looking out

Looking out from Rakiraki - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

About Rakiraki

Rakiraki is Viti Levu's northernmost point and is about half way from Nadi to Suva on Kings Rd. The district of Rakiraki has a population of around 30,000.

The principal reasons for coming to Rakiraki is for the scuba diving, or for stopping through on your travels around the top of Viti Levu. If you're travelling around the island, Rakiraki is a comfortable place to stop for the night.

Local legend has it, that Nakauvadra Mountain Range is home of the great snake-god Degei. The creator of all the islands.


The town has the following amenities:

  • banks - Westpac and ANZ, both having ATM's (what a luxury!)
  • supermarket
  • market
  • restaurants
  • bus stop
  • taxi rank


Nananu-i-Ra is a beautiful 3.5-km² island just offshore and a must if you have the time. It's renown for it's windsurfing having strong winds on it's east coast. Scuba diving is excellent, and snorkeling is worth it as well.

There are no roads and no villages on the island.

Getting There

You can catch a boat from Ellington Wharf (on map below) for a 15-minute trip to Nananu-i-Ra. All resorts (I use the term loosely) on the island have their own boat transfers.

Nananu-i-Ra - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sights & Attractions

1. Scuba diving is the main attraction. There are 2 diving outfits on the mainland. At Volivoli Beach Resort and Wananavu Resort, both located on the map below and on the coast overlooking Nananu-i-Ra. There's one dive shop on the island.

2. If you are into windsurfing and kiteboarding, there's perhaps no better place in Fiji to do it than Nananu-i-Ra. Peak windsurfing season is May to July.

3. Udreudre's Tomb - There's actually not much to it, a rectangular tomb surrounded by rocks above ground. The legend, though, is something else.

This is the resting place of Fiji's most notorious cannibal, Ratu Udreudre. Reportedly consuming at least 872 victims and possible over 1000. He is in the guiness book of records, and according to his son, had a massive appetite eating every part of his unfortunately victim, and not sharing a scrap. Take the Vaileka turnoff from King's Rd, and it's about 100m on the left, or just ask the taxi driver.

Rakiraki Map

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