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How to have fun with
Fiji Beaches

How to have fun on Fiji beaches? Explore ways, in this light-hearted article, to make your time on a Fiji beach as fun as possible. Make up some of your own!

Some Figures

Are you ready for some Fiji maths?!

322 islands + 500 islets = 1129km of coastline

Why was I a weirdo and just busted out some maths for no good reason?

Because 1129km of coastline gives you...  an abundance of beautiful, white, sandy beaches to make one your own!

Okay... enough geekiness and onto the real stuff :-S

Here's a few metres of that 1129km I was talking about, on Tavarua Island

For a bit of fun

Believe it or not, there are many styles and uses for beaches in Fiji. Let's take a look at a few: 

  • Look into beach house rentals.
  • There are resorts that open right onto the beach that become a dance floor by night.

By night, this becomes a dance floor

  • Narrowly escaped getting speared by Fijian warriors

  • Alternate between your resort pool and the pristine beach.
  • Meditate on a relaxing uninhabited beach

  • An old favourite, take long walks on the beach

  • Draw or create romantic art on the beach

  • Dine at a restaurant on the beach.
  • Do activities on the beach

  • Horseriding on the beach

  • Visit a remote beach on the outer islands where the movie-stars hang

The island of Modriki, where the film Castaway was filmed

  • Take a nap under a palm tree on a hammock on the beach

  • Take a trip to a deserted beach on an uninhabited island

  • Rent your own beach bure.

Or in this case a luxury house on it's own island

There's endless, it's only limited to your imagination!

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