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Eco-Tourism on Turtle Island
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Want to know more about Turtle Island Fiji Islands? Find out about one of the world's most stunning island's, the standard of luxury eco-tourism.

This section is solely on eco-tourism on Turtle Island. Visit our Turtle Island Fiji page, if you haven't already, for the whole inspiring story of one of the world's leading sustainable tourist destinations.

The Garden of Eden

Turtle Island Fiji is renown as one of the world's leading sustainable tourism destinations. According to Richard, everything about Turtle island is sustainable. Turtle has been the recipient of more than
six international ecotourism awards for their garden, forest, fishing, and for generating power from natural elements.

Considering how barren the island was prior to Richard's arrival in 1972, this is what has happened since:

[photo courtesy of TripAdvisor]

  • in the 40 years over 500,000 trees have been planted, 100,000 of which are Mahogany, creating a lush forest
  • a woodshop where most of the island furniture has been handcrafted
  • a man-made lake that holds over 8 million gallons of water that services the island and resort
  • solar panels to capture the energy from the sun as well as wind panels
  • 4-acre organic vegetable garden which grows fresh produce daily for guests and staff year round. Excess produce is provided to local villages
  • introduction of freshwater ponds to encourage bird life
  • preservation of mangroves and coconut groves including a raised boardwalk over the mangroves so not to disturb
  • a turtle conservation program which is designed to help save the threatened Green and Hawksbill turtles
  • uses bee hives for honey
  • daily fishing produces seafood
  • all degradable garbage is composted
  • employs over 120 local Fijians
  • the construction of a chapel, medical and dental clinics, secondary school for the benefit of local villages and staff

Turtle's organic garden comprising of 152 raised concrete block beds 15ft. long by 4ft. wide by 3 ft. deep - Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Richard has minimised visitors to the island to maintain it's sustainability.

  • 14 bures means a maximum of 30 guests at any one time to minimise the environmental impact
  • no high rises or shopping centres
  • no airfields
  • no televisions or billboards
  • no swimming pools or tennis courts
  • to reduce noise levels, the only transport on the island are bicycles and electric carts

It's probably obvious that Richard has a passion for planting and gardening, and is very proud of the fact that Turtle Island is sustainable through living off the land and sea.

Crested Iguana on Turtle Island Fiji Islands

Crested Iguana on Turtle Island Fiji Islands - photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Along with the half million trees planted on Turtle Island, authorities have listed 37 kinds of birds on the island, 20 of them non-migratory, 17 varieties of butterflies, and at least 450 types of plants.

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