Mamanuca Express

Mamanuca Express

Need to get to your resort in the Mamanuca Islands Fiji? Mamanuca Express is Fiji's premiere water taxi service, getting you to your island resort, quickly and safely!

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Mamanuca Express is Fiji's premiere water taxi service offering drop-offs throughout the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. They also specialise in fishing charters, island hopping, and private & corporate cruises.

There is over 28 years of experience in the sea transport industry, and they presently operate 4 modern vessels ranging from a 4-seater vessel 'Black Watch 25' fitted for fishing, to a large 33-seater vessel 'Maxi' great for island drop-offs. 

  • Port:
  • Hours:

Denarau Marina (20 minutes from Nadi Airport)
24 hours


This comfortable water taxi service will get you to your resort quickly, safely, and at any hour of the day or night. Mamanuca Express is perfect for late arriving flights and for early morning departure flights. 

It is also the ideal transfer option for those wanting to avoid an overnight stay on the mainland or those small to medium groups looking for a personalised service when travelling to and from your Mamanuca island resort.

You also avoid the queues of the traditional ferry services (which operate only during the day).

Mamanuca Resort Connections

If you've booked your relaxing getaway on one of the stunning Mamanuca Islands, then a Mamanuca Express water taxi service can get you there 24 hours a day, quickly and reliably. That means more time at your island resort!

Mana Island, Malolo Island, Plantation Island, Castaway Island, Likuliku Lagoon, and Musket Cove are all around 45 minutes one way.

Mamanuca Map

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A bit farther past the Mamnuca Islands are the Yasawa Islands, equally as beautiful and more remote. Mamanuca Express can also get you to the lower islands in the Yasawas, far away from everything!

Travel Times



Bounty Island

Treasure Island

Beachcomber Island

Walu Beach


Plantation Island

Musket Cove

Lomani Resort

Castaway Island

Malolo Island

Mana Island







Travel Time

16 mins

22 mins

29 mins

30 mins

45 mins

45 mins

45 mins

45 mins

45 mins

46 mins

46 mins

51 mins

60 mins

60 mins

60 mins

60 mins

1 hr 50 mins

2 hr 15 mins


Fares start, one way, at around:

  • Up to  4 people - AU$478
  • Up to  8 people - AU$558
  • Up to 12 people - AU$774
  • Up to 16 people - AU$966

* Fares are subject to change


The Mamanuca Islands offers some truly exquisite sights and activities which epitomises tropical island getaways.

Why not charter one of their vessels while Mamanuca Express' professional and personal services ensures that you can enjoy the following and more, worry free:

  • snorkeling
  • diving
  • surfing
  • kayaking
  • fishing
  • visit a perfect tropical island
  • laze on remote beaches
  • enjoy a selection of the many bars and restaurants from a myriad of island resorts
  • cocktails at sunset
  • romantic picnic on a remote beach
  • island hopping adventure

Whether you're a couple, a family, or a
group of hearty adventurers, there are over 15 islands for you to explore. Not to mention all the friendly marine life under the water!


For reservations contact them on the following:

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