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Fiji Weather Forecast

What's the Fiji weather forecast for my holiday? Find that out and more with the current weather, and even an interactive forecast predictor for your holiday dates.

Find out the weather forecast for the next 5 days and 15 days in Celsius (°C). And for anytime in the near future, so you can get an idea for the weather you could expect on your upcoming Fiji holiday.

In Fahrenheit

In you are wanting your Fiji weather forecast in Fahrenheit (°F) instead, visit our Weather in Fiji Forecast page.

Fiji Weather Forecast in Celsius

This is a very comprehensive weather forecast application. There are tons of weather information you can seek out. Anything that is underlined in bright blue above, you can click to seek further information. Let's have a look.

5-day Weather Forecast for Fiji (including right now)

What's on display is the Fiji weather outlook for the next 5 days including right now.

The Nadi, Fiji button

It's set on Nadi Fiji as this is where you will be landing. Almost all international flights come to/from Nadi International Airport. Amongst other options, you'll get an interactive map of nearby places to Nadi showing their current weather.

The Hourly Info button

Clicking this option and you will get hourly information on:

  • forecast
  • temperature (°C)
  • what temperature it feels like
  • humidity
  • rain
  • snow and ice (fat chance!)
  • wind speed and direction
  • UV index
  • cloud cover
  • hourly temperature graph
  • sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise times

Ample information for weather forecast Fiji.

The All 15 Days button

This takes you to the same place as the Nadi, Fiji button.

The Today/Tonight, Tomorrow, (days of the week)  buttons

It will give you a summary, of up to a few lines, of the Fiji forecast weather for that day's day and night. It's similar information to that of the Hourly Info button. Some very useful information here would be:

  • wind strength and direction (especially useful for sailing, yachting etc)
  • the chances of rain, how much, and how long it's expected to last (useful for tours, taking a cruise, and activities)

How to check the weather forecast for any date(s)?

Step 1 - click on any one of the buttons I've mentioned (Nadi, Fiji, Hourly Info, All 15 Days, or Tonight, Tomorrow, (days of the week) buttons)

Step 2 - a third of the way down the screen, choose the 'Month' option (from the 5 horizontal list options: Now, Weekend, Extended, Month, Satellite)

Step 3 - change your month (and year) options to your desired month.

As we all know, predicting weather is not an easy task and often isn't right. Especially months is advance, so take it as a rough guide. Check out our Fiji climate page for long term weather patterns.

The weather application offers a wealth of data, so I've outlined the more applicable options. If you're a weather buff, then you could spend hours playing in there.

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