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This Fiji travel information page is purely for embassies and consulates in Fiji and also the Fijian overseas missions in foreign countries.

The embassies & consulates information contents:

General Information About Fiji

If you are looking for general overall information about vacationing/holidaying in Fiji, our extensive Fiji Tourism Information section is the place to start. Then you can branch out into other more specific information from there.

Fiji Travel Information

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Embassies & Consulates in Fiji

Be Careful

If you are from a wealthy English speaking country, it can be easy to think that your government will bail us out if we get into any trouble. This will be highly unlikely if it was even slightly your fault.

It might be prudent to know what your embassy, that is the embassy of the country of which you are a citizen of, can and cannot do for you when you get yourself into trouble.

A helpful piece of information to note is that, the laws of the country that you are currently in, in this case Fiji, is the laws you must abide by. Not the laws back in your home country, whether you agree with them or not. Don't expect your embassy to come running if you committed a crime in Fiji, even if it's not considered a crime back home. You are responsible for your actions.

In Emergency

There are instances where your embassy can help you out in times of emergency. Often though, only if all other avenues have been tried. If something happened to you, which would normally be covered with insurance, and you didn't get insurance, then you might not get much love. However, if you got robbed of say, your passport, then I'd say there's a high chance that your embassy will help you considering you need a passport to get back home.

Embassies & Consulates

All embassies are in Suva, although check with the government list below to double check. Most are open Monday - Friday between 9am - 4pm. It would be very prudent to plan ahead as certain diplomatic services, e.g. visa applications, are probably done on certain days or at certain times. Also, public holidays back home, and in Fiji, might come into play.

The list also provides details of certain United Nations offices and International Organisations of which all are also in Suva.

Here's the list of embassies and consulates in Fiji on the Fijian government's website.

Fiji Overseas Missions

Here's the list of Fiji Overseas Missions on the Fijian government's website.

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