Top Dive Resorts

Top Fiji Dive Resorts

Want to know the best Fiji dive resorts? Explore the resorts in Fiji that specifically cater for diving. These resorts are close to prime diving locations offering the best diving in Fiji.

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Diving can be organised from any island through virtually all Fiji resorts. This is perfect for the recreational/novice diver to tack on a diving trip onto their exotic holiday.

However, it's on the outer islands that the best diving in Fiji is found. The pick of dive resorts in Fiji listed below are situated in the best diving areas.

Fiji Diving

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The Top Fiji Dive Resorts

Taveuni Island

Taveuni is home to the world famous Somosomo Strait. It's also a big reason that puts Fiji on the map as 'the soft coral capital of the world'.

Garden Island Resort
has Rainbow Reef on its doorstep including having over 20 dive sites in close proximity. It's more suited to serious divers, those who prefer shorter boat trips and those with a smaller budget in mind.

Garden Island Resort Fiji a great Fiji dive resort

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Nakia Resort & Dive offers some great dive packages. This is the most inexpensive option on this list for Taveuni.

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A 5-star dive resort Qamea Island Resort offers morning, afternoon, and night dives. Most of the dive sites are 10 minutes from the resort. A day dive trip to the Somosomo Straits is highly recommended.

Qamea resort a good Fiji dive resort
qamea resort Fiji on a Fiji vacation

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Paradise Taveuni Resort is the only resort to offer diving to Vuna Reef. With 3 boats, short distances to fabulous dive sites and no minimum number of divers required for boat dives, it's a good choice for the serious diver or dive groups.

Paradise Taveuni Resort Fiji diving is great here
Paradise Taveuni Resort good for Fiji vacations

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Kadavu Island is surrounded by the Great Astrolabe Reef, the 3rd biggest reef in the world. You won't find sprawling 5-star resorts here but small eco-friendly getaways. With rugged frontier diving, the following resorts are an excellent choice.

Matana Beach Resort has most of the dive sites within 20 minutes of the island by boat. Situated on a private island with luxury accommodation including the famous treehouses. Great for a honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Matana beach resort Fiji the dive boat
Matana Beach Resort Fiji the dive boat

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The intimate getaway of Matava Resort advertises itself as "Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort".

Matava Resort Fiji bure
matava resort one of the finest Fiji dive resorts

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Papageno Resort
's warm waters offers colourful soft coral and is teeming with fish. Wrecks, whales, sharks, turtles and eels are some of the other underwater delights.

Papageno Resort a fine Fiji dive resort
Papageno resort Fiji on a fiji holiday

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