My Photos of Fiji

My Photos Fiji
Capturing Island Paradise!

Fiji is as scenically stunning as it is relaxing. With idyllic photo opportunities around every beach in Fiji, it's time that a put a small collection together on one page.

I'm no photographer by any stretch, but I believe the essence is captured as you browse my photos of Fiji.

Denarau Island Fiji

It's amazing that Denarau was built on mudflats, as you can tell with the murky fringes.

Aerial view of Denarau Island Fiji as I flew over

This picture is amazing. Whilst I slept in and dragged myself to the beach with a 3-minute walk mid-morning, dad got up at 4am and took an all day Sigatoka River safari. Stunning scenery with the boat under the waterfall.  

Stunning scenery on a Sigatoka River safari in Fiji

This is a neat picture of an elderly couple sitting on the 'couples deck' on the edge of the water.

Elderly couple sitting on the 'couples deck' on Denarau Island Fiji

I looked up from reading my book and snapped this parasailing photo as he passed between the two thatched sun umbrellas.

Parasailing in the distance on my Fiji vacation

(I release these 5 photos under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.)

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