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Latest Holiday Packages
to Fiji!

Want the latest mouthwatering holiday packages to Fiji? Find out the hot-off-the-press Fiji package deals, and start planning for your dream getaway!


This is the place for the latest Fiji package deals only. If you want more information and to find out how Fiji holiday packages work, start at our comprehensive Fiji Vacation Packages section.


As the latest holiday packages to Fiji are emailed to me from various resorts all over Fiji, I will sift through them and present the best here. I'm making the best source for unbiased information on Fiji getaways, this especially applies to packages.

This is a new section, so visit frequently, as it's only going to become bigger and better!


Whilst some packages are good year round, some of the best have narrow windows for booking and for travelling. The more flexible you are with travelling, the more chance you will at finding the perfect once-in-a-lifetime getaway!  

Pick your category of Fiji package deals, and may you have a phenomenally amazing time in paradise!

Package Categories

Honeymoon/Couples - Most suitable for couples wanting an intimate escape, as it usually involves adults/couples-only resorts... 

Wedding Packages - Fancy an escape to paradise to tie the knot... [coming]

Cheap/Budget - Those on a budget can still get to stunningly gorgeous remote islands...

Family - For those with young ones and needing a relaxing getaway, this is for you... [coming]

Diving - World class scuba diving beckons at these stunning Fiji dive resorts... [coming]

Wellness Retreats - For the healthy in mind, body, and soul. Getaway to a Fiji health retreat and rejuvenate like never before... 

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