Beqa Island Fiji

Beqa Island Fiji

Want world class Fiji diving? Discover Beqa Island Fiji with access to stunning diving at Beqa lagoon including the famed shark feeding adventure!

The Beqa Island Fiji contents:

Beqa Lagoon Fiji - photo courtesy of Beqa Lagoon Resort


Beqa Island (pronounced Ben-ga) is located around 7km from the southern coast of the main island of Viti Levu. Hilly Beqa is 36km is area, and, you'll like this... has no roads, no cars, just a handful of villages, and a couple of remote cosy resorts ensuring seclusion and tranquility. Areas on the island are only connected by footpaths and boats.

Beqa Island sits in Beqa Lagoon which has world class diving, snorkelling, and surfing and is likely the reason you've heard of the area and investigating this page.

If you add it all up, it would be as perfect of a relaxing holiday as you'll find, in other words... paradise!

Beqa is also the home of the 'firewalkers' which you can also find performing at resorts along the Coral Coast on the mainland.

Beqa Diving

There are over 100 dive sites amongst 190 miles of hard and soft barrier reef making it one of the world's largest reefs. All resorts in the area worth their kava, offer diving and snorkelling. And if you've stumbling into the region without the express intent of exploring Beqa's stunning underwater delights, then you'll soon find out it's a must-do activity.

Beqa diving aspects:

  • Dive depths - range from 18m-30m (60ft-1000ft)
  • Visibility - typically up to 30m (100ft)
  • Temperature - hovers around 26°C (80°F)
  • Current - generally mild
  • Sights - vivid soft corals, immense array of marine life, wrecks, submerged volcano, shark dives

Shark Feeding

Perhaps the highlight, if highlight to you means heart-stopping adrenaline, is the feeding of the massive bull sharks. At Shark Reef, just north off Beqa Island, is where up to 9 types of sharks could turn up to 'grab' a feed. The two Fijian feeders claim to be protected by traditional magic. And I'm inclined to believe them, since there hasn't been an incident in the 8 plus years and counting of feeding these massive predators.

Check out this hair-raising video for a glimpse...

Beqa Lagoon Dive Sites

The map below shows Beqa Island 'sitting' in Beqa Lagoon. 

Surfers will find Frigate Pass on the western side of the barrier reef the place to go with long rides and barrels with the swell peaking at 6m.

The numbers on the map indicates the Top 10 dive sites according to Beqa Lagoon Resort Fiji. 

Beqa Lagoon Accommodation

As with the theme of, the Beqa Lagoon accommodation listed below are quality worry-free getaways, ensuring relaxation. They are beautiful secluded resorts with quality accommodation and experienced diving outfits.

The Beqa Island accommodation:

  1. Beqa Lagoon Resort (coming)
  2. Lalati Resort & Spa (coming)
  3. Kulu Bay Resort (coming)
  4. Royal Davui Resort (coming)

Accommodation can also be sought along the resort-rich Coral Coast and have access to Beqa lagoon diving. Depending on where you stay in Beqa Lagoon, many dive sites are just 5-20 minutes away.

Keep your eyes peeled for whales, dolphins, and turtles surfacing for air! (season depending) - photo courtesy of Beqa Lagoon Resort

Getting There

To get to Beqa Island Fiji, in most cases, you arrive at Nadi International Airport on the west coast of the main island of Viti Levu, then:

  1. land transfer to Pacific Harbour on the southern coast (2 hours)
    - rent a car
    - coach
    - with resort vehicle
  2. then about a 30-minute sea transfer to Beqa Island

You can do this yourself or organise with your resort to meet you at the airport (most should offer this). Then most resorts have their own sea vessel to escort you to Beqa Island and their resort. Check upon booking.

Or, a seaplane direct from Nadi  Airport to your resort in Beqa gets you there quicker if you can't wait to get to your Fiji beach hideaway!

Visit our Transport in Fiji section for all your domestic transport needs.

Beqa Map

Hover or click in the map key for descriptions. (more will be added, this page is just the beginning!)

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