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Amazing Fiji Vacation Lovers!, Issue #005 -- New Look!
December 01, 2013

A free monthly resource of the latest information and tips to make your Fiji vacation/holiday amazing!

Issue #5 - December 1, 2013

In this issue:

1) Budget Getaways
2) Island Hopping
3) Latest Cool Stuff!

1) Special E-guides!

If you're after budget getaways then I've just updated my Budget Getaways section with some amazing options.

Fiji is closer to a mid-range priced option than a budget option. You will find it's not as cheap as places like most of Asia or Central America. However, if you want to come to Fiji and you want a relaxing getaway, then this is the place to start!

2) Island Hopping

If you're wondering how to best island hop in Fiji, then wonder no more!

There is an option of doing this and you have options including almost 20 islands and over 30 resorts! And perhaps even better, it involves some of Fiji's most stunningly picturesque islands, the Yasawa Islands.

For more on this recently added section, visit the Fiji Island Hopping page.

3) Latest Cool Stuff!

A new permanent feature I've just added, is the 'Latest Packages' section.

This is the place to go if you want to know the latest packages on offer. As these exotic packages come through my 'desk', I shall pick the best and share them here!

To visit, go to Latest Packages section.

Next month, Getting Around in Fiji.

See you then

Paul Atkin
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