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Amazing Fiji Vacation Lovers!, Issue #003 -- The Places to Holiday Edition!
September 30, 2013

A free monthly resource of the latest information and tips to make your Fiji vacation/holiday amazing!

Issue #3 - October 1, 2013

In this issue:

1) Special E-guides!
2) Where to holiday in Fiji
3) Latest Cool Stuff

1) Special E-guides!

To finish up from last time, 'The Perfect Romantic Series' has finished rolling out. Yesterday, in fact.

For those in need of a romantic getaway with your significant other, and have a budget in mind, then these are for you.

The series is:

  • 'The Perfect Romantic Vacation... on $5,000 a day!'
  • 'The Perfect Romantic Vacation... on $2,000 a day!'
  • 'The Perfect Romantic Vacation... on $1,000 a day!'
  • 'The Perfect Romantic Vacation... on $500 a day!'
  • 'The Perfect Romantic Vacation... on $250 a day!'

This month I will roll out 'The Perfect Family Vacation' series. It's very similar to 'The Perfect Romantic Vacation' series, except for families. It's centred around families of four with two young children, although certainly can be used for all family sizes.

The series is:

  • 'The Perfect Family Vacation... on $2,000 a day!'
  • 'The Perfect Family Vacation... on $1,000 a day!'
  • 'The Perfect Family Vacation... on $500 a day!'

Both series are in U.S. and Australian dollars. To get yourself an e-guide and start planning, or for more information, visit the Special E-guides section on the site.

2) Places to Holiday in Fiji

Different areas of Fiji offer slightly different experiences.

Viti Levu (main island)

This is your starting point in Fiji. You'll arrive at Nadi International Airport then head off to your resort. There are two main resort areas, The Nadi region and The Coral Coast.

Nadi is centred around the Nadi Airport and has the upmarket Denarau Island. Denarau Marina on Denarau Island is your gateway to the Mamanucas and Yasawas, also is where most cruises depart from. It's very convenient to holiday here, although there are no nice beaches.

On the southern coast up to Suva, this stretch of coast is called The Coral Coast. It's around an hour to 2 hours to get to your resort. Here you can get some great value resorts, with tonnes of sights and things to do.

Mamanuca group of islands

The crown jewels of Fiji and the backbone of Fiji's tourist industry. The picture perfect 20 or so tiny group of islands are situated west of Nadi. Popular, well known, and naturally stunning. More tourist amenities per square of exquisite sandy beach than any other group.

Yasawa group of islands

Northwestern island group of about 20 sparsely populated and laid-back islands, just past the Mamanucas. The Yasawas is the epitome of gorgeous Fiji. Abundant sunshine, stunning Fiji beaches, a range of resorts to suit all, and all done in customary Fiji time. Popular for island-hopping holidays. Even more laid back than the Mamanucas.

Vanua Levu and Taveuni

The 2nd and 4th biggest islands in Fiji, located in the north east. The place is even slower and is great for nature lovers highlighted by world class diving. A domestic flight from Nadi Airport will get you here.

If you're further out than these island groups, then you're in rare territory and will experience Fiji at it's rawest!

3) Latest Cool Stuff

Recently I've added information about the 4th biggest island in Fiji, Taveuni. It's incredibly laid back (I know, it's laid back everywhere in Fiji!) and it's pretty far from reality out here.

If you're a nature lover, the outdoor type, and love hiking, forest walks, birdwatching, snorkelling, diving and the like, then check it out here on our Taveuni Island Fiji page.

And for something more general, I've added the 10 Things to do in Fiji!

Next month, Family Getaways in Fiji.

See you then

Paul Atkin
Owner of

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